In a unique partnership, PurposeLed and Open People Network (OPN) will help build better companies. The official partnership is very exciting for both organizations, we are looking forward to many years of collaborative work between PurposeLed and OPN.

Jeffery Potvin, CEO and Founder, said, “We very excited to be building out a collaborative partnership with Famous Folks. The new partnership brings a full year of collaboration to help build amazing companies!”

Jay Dingwall, CEO Famous Folks & Co-Founder PurposeLed, said, “We are extremely excited and energized to partner with OPN. The partnership will help ensure businesses within the OPN network are equipping themselves with tools to build better businesses. We see business as a force for good, and together with OPN we have the chance to help inspire, instruct, and aid entrepreneurs to make that a reality.”

About PurposeLed

Powered by Famous Folks, PurposeLed, believes that engaging in ethical people-first business practice is not just our duty as business leaders, but that doing the right thing also future-proofs our businesses and our communities by making them stronger and more competitive. With PurposeLed products, you build real tools, step-by-step, that can be used right away to grow your business. Brand isn’t just a look and feel, a great brand makes all aspects of business easier.

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Jay Dingwall
CEO Famous Folks & Co-Founder PurposeLed

About OPN
OPN brings Entrepreneurs, Investors, Sponsors, Business Leaders, and Strategic Partners together to create a community of sharing, inclusion, and collaboration to facilitate and support growth and financial success for all stakeholders. Our Fund, The Supporters Fund, is designed and managed to help, support, and grow with each startup. With our community of Angel & Accredited investors, we are making a big push to invest in early-stage businesses to help build a stronger path to growth and success for global startups.