Foreacastr is an online tool allowing founders to confidently forecast the cashflow of their companies. We make it easy to conduct, manage and modify financial forecasts all with the click of a button and without the deep financial cost of a CFO.


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  • 25% OFF first-year Annual Subscription + Waived Implementation Fees
  • FREE white-glove onboarding where we work with you to build a world-class financial model for your company
  • Unlimited phone/video support for the first 30 days of your subscription
  • FREE email & live chat support thereafter or upgrade options to paid dedicated support plans.
  • FREE access to Forecastr’s INVESTOR CONNECT platform of early-stage investors in the Forecastr network.

Why Our Customers Love Forecastr

  • Expert guidance & expertise, so you get the best financial model for you & your company
  • Ability to easily understand, present and maintain your financial model, to prepare you for investors
  • Guardrails that prevent you from ‘breaking’ the financial model and accidentally using misinformation
  • Confidence in accurate up-to-date data from direct integrations to your other business solutions (QBO, Gusto, Stripe, etc.)
  • Exposure to early-stage investors within the Forecastr network through INVESTOR CONNECT.