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Nov 17, 18, 24 2021

PitchIt Nov 17, 2021


Flahmingo’s commission-free fractional trading platform uses a Pies and Slices model, in which Flahmingo automatically invests a user’s money into companies the user chooses, with dollar amounts or percentages specified by the user.


Lynk (formally Rize) is on a mission to democratize access to financial infrastructure; we’ve built a dynamic banking-as-a-service platform that allows you to launch new embedded finance solutions in days instead of months — without writing a single line of code.

PitchIt Nov 18, 2021

Sky Grid

SKYGrid is a Canadian company that is committed to help transition businesses, institutions and governments to streaming their computer work by providing innovative cloud-only work streaming technology.


Pocket dual interface Fintech for financial professionals and consumers to deepen engagement, streamline data and processes.

Cheetah Networks

Cheetah Networks provides real-time performance analytics to network operator customers that will range from Telecommunication providers (eg. Bell, Rogers, Telus) to Smart Cities, Industrial IoT and Enterprises.


AquaFarmsAfrica’s tech-enabled aquaponics systems provide a farm-to-table solution offering urban African youth the opportunity to grow food locally.

Investor Panel Nov 17, 18 2021

Investment Day Nov 24, 2021

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