In a unique partnership, Ayoa and Open People Network (OPN) will help build better companies through fostering innovation and increasing productivity. The official partnership is very exciting for both organizations, we are looking forward to many years of collaborative work between PurposeLed and OPN.

Laura Lirette, GM OPN/Supporters Fund, said, “We are very excited to be building out a collaborative partnership with Ayoa. The new partnership will ignite startups' creative edge, by offering both innovative thinking spaces and flexible resources which enable people with different qualities to work together, all in one digital space!”

Chris Griffiths, CEO of Ayoa, said, “OPN’s principles of sharing and inclusivity to inspire collective growth align so well with the values and mission of Ayoa, that to become their newest partner is extremely exciting for everyone involved. With OPN’s expertise and our inclusive digital collaborative space, we are looking forward to helping the next generation of
entrepreneurs move forward and experience the growth they deserve.”

About Ayoa

Ayoa is an online collaborative innovation suite which sacrifices neither creativity nor productivity in its quest to help grow fledgling ideas into momentous actions. Inspired by the flexibility and practicality of mind maps, Ayoa hosts a collection of visual thinking tools to boost the creative productivity of teams. With mind maps, task boards, whiteboards, video calls and more, in Ayoa, startups are given the tools they need to set them on their path to success. For more information visit
The Ayoa Team

About OPN

OPN brings Entrepreneurs, Investors, Sponsors, Business Leaders, and Strategic Partners together to create a community of sharing, inclusion, and collaboration to facilitate and support growth and financial success for all stakeholders. Our Fund, The Supporters Fund, is designed and managed to help, support, and grow with each startup. With our community of Angel & Accredited investors, we are making a big push to invest in early-stage businesses to help build a stronger path to growth and success for startups.