Why carta

Carta helps companies and investors manage their capitalization tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans. We provide the tools to make equity ownership more accessible to build an ownership economy, where more employees and investors have stakes in the companies building our future.

About carta

About carta

Carta for Founders

Fundraise with confidence – Access funding benchmarks to understand what’s market before meeting investors. Model your round & understand future dilution.

Conduct a seamless SAFEs financing – Generate and track your SAFEs, streamline communication, track money movement, and automate cap table updates.

Maintain a single source of truth – With all equity transactions and information in Carta, your cap table stays up to date with less effort.

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Access to Carta Launch – Carta Launch is Carta’s free cap table management product for companies with 25 or fewer unique equity-holders and $1M or less in funding.

Preferred Partner Discount – By signing up through our partner program, you will be eligible for 20% off your first year subscription when you upgrade to a paid plan, plus waived implementation fees.

This discount also applies to Carta Total Compensation plans.

For more information, please reach out to partners@carta.com.

Check out the Carta Founder Resource Center for additional information on how to get your company off the ground. You’ll find a comprehensive guide to help you start your fundraising journey.