Fireside and OPN develop partnership to bring together entrepreneurs creating a community of sharing, inclusion, and collaboration.
Leaders in the entrepreneur space Open People Network (OPN) and Fireside announce a new partnership that will bring together entrepreneurs creating a community of sharing and collaboration, off-grid and on. This partnership is very exciting for both organizations, OPN’s founder, Jeffery Potvin, has been part of fireside since inception, the official partnership brings together a full year of collaboration between Fireside and OPN, as well as additional OPN sessions to the Fireside weekend!
The new partnership is all about the starving startups!  OPN will provide financial subsidy for starving startups,  providing the opportunity to attend Fireside 2019, and participate and be part of OPN 2019.
OPN Fireside Package (NEW)
What is included in the OPN Fireside Package!
● 1 Fireside Ticket ($2,500 value)
● 1 Workshop Ticket ($250 value)
● 1 OPN PitchIt Ticket ** (up to $500 value)
● 1 OPN Showcase Ticket ($100 value)
● 1 ticket to the Private OPN year-end get together  (donation)
**Based on the application, the OPN show scheduled, will be at the discretion of the OPN team. Shows include, #PitchItTO, #PitchItTOCityHall, #PitchItSkiptheLine, #PitchItYork, #PitchItDurham
 To qualify for the OPN Fireside package, you must, be a startup, that;
● Is less than 2 years old
● Is ready to raise
● Is looking for funding by January 2020
On qualification, the OPN Fireside Package will cost $1,500 + applicable tax
·      Offer expires  May 31st.
·      OPN Starving Startup Tickets are limited, first come first service on qualification
Steven Pulver, community. Our partnership with OPN allows us to bring a fantastic group of entrepreneurs to Fireside who may otherwise have not been able to attend.all  “…… ”
Jeffery Potvin, CEO and Founder, said We have been Friends for many years and we are very excited to be building out a collaborative partnership with everyone in the fireside family!  The new partnership brings a full year of collaboration including an awesome weekend bringing entrepreneurs together in a fun filled weekend of great people from all around the world sharing and growing together!
About Fireside
Fireside is an annual invite-only off the grid and all-inclusive retreat for the world’s most inspiring innovators, investors, and influencers. It takes place annually at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere between Toronto and Ottawa on a beautiful 750+ acre green-space on a pristine private lake. Fireside 2019 takes place September 5-8, 2019
For more information about Fireside, please contact:
Steven Pulver
About Open People Network (OPN)
The Open People Network is a group of entrepreneurs and business professionals who provide key market disciplines to help startups with business fundamentals, technical and tactical outcomes that help build future leaders. Keeping entrepreneurs focused on their vision while guiding them through the entrepreneurial life cycle through our Accelerator Program, The Supporters Fund and PitchIt Series.
For more information about Open People Network (OPN), please contact:
Jeffery Potvin