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Founders Funding Couch


April 6, 2020 10:00am

Free Online Event

Join OPN (Open People Network) for our first Live at the #FoundersFundingCouch online chat on April 6th from 10am to 11am, where we will be speaking with Angels Investors and startups around funding and what options we have in today’s environment. Looking forward to continuing to support the Startup Ecosystem!

The Agenda

Keynote, Kevin Zicherman

Founder & CEO of MyWifi Networks

Kevin Zicherman

Kevin is a marketing guru, growth hacker, speaker & business coach. He has invested in a number of businesses in the Toronto area.

Kevin is currently the Founder & CEO of MyWiFi Networks, a white label social-powered Wi-Fi marketing platform designed for resellers. His specialties include affiliate marketing strategies and marketing to retail customers.


Panel, Pivot? If I don’t do this today I will fail tomorrow.

The Show

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